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A transformative initiative shaping responsible digital natives with essential skills and Industry 4.0 awareness for the future.

About Us

DigiNations was founded with the belief that digital skills are essential for students and educators to thrive in today's increasingly tech-driven world. Recognizing the importance of ethical discernment and Industry 4.0 awareness, we set out to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to become responsible citizens.


DigiNations cultivates students' and educators' awareness by imparting crucial digital skills and ethical values, preparing them to navigate the digitalized world responsibly.


We aspire to see heightened awareness of the student's and educators' minds driving positive change in the digital landscape, cultivating a generation of responsible digital citizens, and reshaping the digitalized world into a safer, more respectful environment for all.

Nurturing Responsible Digital Citizens for Tomorrow

DigiNations has set out to enable students and educators to prepare for a responsible digital future. We aim to achieve this by providing immersive education on digital citizenship and Industry 4.0 awareness.

Our goal is to foster accountable digital natives for tomorrow. Our objectives go beyond traditional digital education as we strive to nurture resilient and empathetic leaders by emphasizing critical thinking and ethical conduct. Through our inclusive approach, we seek to bridge the digital gap and lay the foundation for informed and responsible digital citizens in the future.

  • 01 Interactive Tools

    Develop engaging learning resources for immersive learning experiences.

  • Educate students and educators about digital advancements through focused workshops.

  • Host local events showcasing real-world tech applications.

  • Spread Industry 4.0 awareness via social media campaigns, encouraging active participation.



We offer a range of programs and resources designed to help students and educators develop important digital skills, ethical judgement, and awareness of Industry 4.0. Our offerings include online courses and hands-on workshops tailored to meet individuals' specific needs.


Digiminds offers a free online Learning Management System (LMS) tailored for educators. The system focuses on the lastest technologies to enhance teaching pratices.


Digital Journey: Navigating the Realm of Digital Citizenship

By intergrating AR technology with storytelling, Digital Journey not only educates but also captivates learners, enabling them to visualize and experience the principles of digital citizenship firsthand.

Digital Journey

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Are you ready to join us in our mission to empower students and educators with essential digital skills and ethical discernment? Contact DigiNations today to learn more about our programs and resources. Together, we can cultivate a generation of responsible digital citizens and improve the digitalized world.


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YSEALI Workshop at Bangkok

YSEALI Workshop

YSEALI Workshop at Bangkok

YSEALI Workshop

YSEALI Workshop at Bangkok

YSEALI Workshop

YSEALI Workshop at Bangkok

YSEALI Workshop

YSEALI Workshop at Bangkok

YSEALI Workshop

Interview at Rampai Pagi on 29/03/2024

Promo DigiThink

Speech by Queenie Chong

Launch Day

Launching of DigiThink by Queenie Chong

Launch Day

Group Photo with Queenie Chong

Launch Day

Group Photo with Minister of MTIC

Launch Day


DigiNations comprises a dedicated team of experts in digital education, ethics, and Industry 4.0. Our team is passionate about empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's digital age.

Sarinah Binti Ziziumiza

Project Leader

Sarinah is a pioneering educational technologist from Brunei, leading IBTE's tech-enhanced learning and co-founding Rumine Corp.

Nursheila Binti Ziziumiza

System Engineer

System engineer passionate about software engineering, immersive technologies, and continuous learning and innovation.

Bonsovathary Uoeung


Producer and editor specialized in digital media with a background in education and passionate about storytelling and creative art.

Abdul Walid Bin Haji Misli

Educational Technologist

Educational technologist who is passionate about instructional design and technology integration for effective learning experience.

Izdihar Farahdina


Engiineering Manager in Fintech company. Cheers to tech updates in AI, optimization, Data, software engineering, applied in various fields.

Louis Puah

Social Impact and Entrepreneur

Passionate about merging education, innovation and social impact through experience and game design.

Amal Hazirah Rizal

Digital Artist

Enthusiastic artist who is specialized in digital art and passionate about drawing. Hoping to tell stories through art.

Muhammad Hafiz Bin Mohmad Bekeri

Backend Developer

Backend developer specializing in networking and network security, Enthusiastic about building internet of things projects.

Khairunnisa Haji Duraman


Passionate content creator, adept social media manager, and skilled in administration/sales for dynamic digital engagement.

Mohammad Adlee Shafie Bin Masli

Software Engineer

An aspiring software engineer who is willing to learn new things along the way in innovation and technology.

Veradino Chan

Frontend Developer

Enthusiastic frontend developer exploring innovative solutions and committed to lifelong learning in tech.


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